Will Lockhart


I am a PhD student in high-energy astrophysics at the University of Arizona, and director of the first feature documentary on the game of Go.
Feel free to contact me at wlockhart@email.arizona.edu.

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Welcome to my website!


My research focuses on pulsars - rapidly spinning neutron stars that emit a characteristic pattern of electromagnetic radiation in radio and x-rays. Together with professors Sam Gralla, Dimitrios Psaltis, and Feryal Ozel, I am using computer simulations to model the radiation emitted by these stars. Hidden in these light curves are clues to the mysteries of the neutron star interior, and the nature of ultra-dense matter beyond the nuclear saturation density. By comparing our models with new observational data from NASA’s NICER mission, we hope to improve the known constraints on the size, magnetic field, and other fundamental properties of these astounding objects.

Our first paper can be found on the arxiv.


I have two years’ experience as a teaching assistant (TA) for the freshman undergraduate physics courses at the UofA: 141 (Mechanics) and 241 (Electricity & Magnetism).

I am a nationally ranked 5-dan amateur Go player, and I have taught Go both in private lessons and group workshops.

My film:

From 2012-2017 I directed a feature-length documentary film on the game of Go, The Surrounding Game. The project was a labor of love, a worldly adventure, and my attempt to synthesize all the emotions and philosophical questions the game inspires in me. The movie is now available on major streaming platforms - go watch it! Or see the Film tab for more info.